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The best sports betting strategies

✅ Tie betting

It is one of the most interesting soccer betting strategies that we can find as long as we analyze the match well, and it is a common bet in forecasts. The key is that the draw is usually the market with the highest odds in betting on the winner of the match. In this sense, it is important to know which teams have a greater tendency to draw. It is enough to look at a ranking where the wins, draws and defeats of each team appear, if possible differentiated at home and away.

It is also interesting to choose matches with teams with a tendency to under, where a 0-0 or 1-1 can be interesting. Teams without goals, but that know how to defend and concede few goals are usually the best ones to enter this market. Finally, we must take into account the tendencies of each team. Of course, this is a market that we should avoid until the 6th or 7th day of the league, when the teams have played two or three games at home and away and we start to sense trends.

Bets on +2.5 goals

When we talk about over/under, 2.5 goals is the most common line. A common strategy is to bet on the over, especially in certain leagues with a tendency to score goals. It is clear that gaminator 3 bookmakers know this and it will be difficult to find spectacular odds, but we will find bets with value. To do this, we must analyze the statistical scoring averages and trends of each team, as well as losses, calendar or even weather and schedule.

Which league has the most goals? It depends on the season, but there are times when the Swiss SuperLiga or the Swedish Allsvenskan average more than 3 goals per game. La Liga or the Premier League are also interesting for this market, as well as the Norwegian Tippeligaen or the Danish SuperLiga. In fact, the Scandinavian leagues have a reputation for scoring goals. In our betting comparator you can easily check how are the odds on the over in these leagues.


Betting on the over is as simple as selecting the +2.5 goals market when you see good odds. We like to enter when they are between 1.65 and 1.85, although when we see teams with good strikers or that in recent games have been down to 2 goals, an over par bet can have a lot of value.

✅ Betting on Asian lines

Betting on the favorite does not always guarantee profits, but in the long run it should help us improve our bankroll. Often, the odds on the favorite are small, just look at how the victory of Barça, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern or Manchester City is paid every weekend. However, Asian handicaps improve the odds and allow us to find the most profitable bets. In addition, with a -1 the bet is cancelled if the favorite wins by suffering; or we can cover partial losses.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the 0.25 and 0.75 that allow us to complete a double bet. In the medium or long term, betting on HA -1 on the big favorite when playing away from home can be quite profitable, although you have to learn how to play with handicaps. Remember that in addition to Asian handicap bets you can bet on the Asian total, either on the overall in the match or on a team's goals. Nil bets also have value, as they prevent us from losing if we don't win.


The victory of the favorite in a soccer match is paid at €1.40, an odds with hardly any value. To improve it, we can use a HA -1 that improves it to €1.60, a more interesting figure. Thus, if it wins by the minimum, the bet is annulled and you get your investment back. If you are looking for a better odds, the HA -1.25 goes up to 1.90€, a much more interesting odds. In this case, if our team wins by 1 goal, we only lose half of what we invested.

Bets without a variable

Bets without a variable are among the most profitable bets that we can find in bookmakers. Bets without a draw are the best known, also known as HA 0. In this regard, it is worth noting the importance of comparing the odds between the two markets in some bookies, you should always look for the best one for two markets that are identical. In addition, there are more and more bookies that allow us to bet on 1X2 eliminating a team.

The great advantage of these bets is that we cover 50% of options, not 33% of 1X2 bets. In return, the odds drop slightly but it can be a very interesting market when the odds on 1, X and 2 are at a similar level. We have two options: to bet on the favorite by eliminating the draw or to bet on the draw by cancelling the home win. In a way, it is a way to lay on the weaker team by hedging against certain results.

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