About Us

Based in Greece, we develop high quality, realistic scenery and study level aircraft for flight simulation. With an international team of highly experienced developers and real pilots, we are committed to excellence!

With the Greek 'Filotimo' philosophy as a driver in what we do, caring for your every need is in our nature. From development, through to every time you fly one of our aircraft or experience one of our sceneries. There is no simple way to explain 'Filotimo' in English, however, it can be taken to be an unspoken understanding that there is no task or detail unworthy of attention if it ensures a great experience for the customer.

Our aim is to leave you speechless and intrigued by what we do. We pave the mile long runway so you can explore the vast and wonderful world. As we are "Creating a world of possibility," we want you to keep in touch, tell us your thoughts and help us improve in any way we can.