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About Us


We are Terrainy Studios

We are a design company specializing in Flight Simulation focused on delivering the highest quality simulations of real world environments and aircraft.

With use of industry leading design tools and knowledge, we set the benchmark in 3D design for flight simulation. Our international team of developers allows us to always have work being done around the clock.


Our first project was an internal test of our capabilities to achieve the quality we were aiming to provide.

Originally using X-Plane 11 in June of 2020, we became satisfied with the quality that we were capable to producing and decided to move onto our first major project.

After the success of the internal test, we started working on our first major project: Samos Aristarchos International Airport.

We seized the opportunity of the then newly released Microsoft Flight Simulator and adjusted our workflow to become optimized for MSFS development.

After a lot of work and effort came our first public release on December 5th 2020.


Ikaria was our next project. Going back on the initial test project, Ikaria started with a good initial foundation, but having learned so much in the process of developing Samos, we made a lot of changes.

With new custom animations and a more detailed interior we brought forth an excellent representation of Ikaria National Airport.

While our Airport Development Team was hard at work on the next Airport Scenery, our Aircraft Development team was already hard at work on our first Aircraft, the Van's RV-8.

An amazing taildragger with a tricycle variant as well, its an amazing kit plane to enjoy all the incredible MSFS scenery.


Our next scenery was something completely different from our previous two releases. This time delving into the beautiful landscape of Switzerland.


Hausen am Albis was our first ultra-small airport and has become a benchmark of our quality.


What the Future Holds...

We have many exciting projects under development that we are looking forward to sharing with you.

With work underway outside of Flight Simulation and our involvement in the Metaverse, there is so much more we are getting ready to offer.


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